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Dr. Leonard Mayer

Massage Therapy Services

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Although we are primarily a physical rehabilitation office we do offer other therapeutic services. Listed below are the available rates for our massage service. Come in or call to schedule your massage today.

Treat yourself or a loved-one to a massage, individualized to your specific needs. Let our team of professional Massage Therapists provide you a customized massage using: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular or Sports Massage techniques at your request.

Customized Massage Sessions

90 minutes $95
60 minutes $75
30 minutes $45

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage to eliminate the stress and discomforts associated with pregnancy. Special considerations are taken to ensure your safety and comfort.

Chair Massage

Seated in a specially designed chair, your neck, shoulders and back are massaged while you remain fully clothed, providing quick relief from tension and stress.
10 min – $12 / 15 min – $18

Special Massage Packages

The Getaway (3 Sessions)

90 minutes $264
60 minutes $180

The Vacationer (6 Sessions)

90 minutes $516
60 minutes $348

The Sabbatical (10 Session)

90 minutes $800
60 minutes $550

FITTrva Is Where Chiropractic and State-Of-The-Art Rehabilitation Come Together

Call us today and get on the path to feeling great.

About Us

FITTrva is a physiotherpay clinic treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions as well as athletes recovering from sports injuries. Our unique approach to sports medicine can help a wide range of conditions, from chronic and recurrent pain syndromes and sports injuries to frank neurological conditions such as post-stroke, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

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