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Dr. Leonard Mayer

FITT Classes

FREE Functional Evaluation For New Patients

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Our Functional Integrated Therapy and Training (FITT) classes will help you exercise effectively and safely, and achieve your goals quickly.

Classes are now underway! Give us a call at 804-285-4400 for more info. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest on our scheduled class sessions.

Everyone who wants to become more fit is welcome to join this unique class.

These exercises will train you to greater levels of fitness, strength and endurance so that you can include them you daily activities and sports. In addition to burning calories, improving dynamic muscle strength, improved cardiovascular health, it will provide a great way for women and men alike to build lean muscle.

The key to maintaining body weight and fitness is to create a strong core and efficient machine that burns fuel at a higher level. In addition to these functional exercises that were designed for elite and professional athletes, our FITT program will include weight training, using kettlebells, so that these training sessions can be used on your own outside of our classes.

  • 1 one hour FITT training session $55.00 (non patient)
  • 6 one hour FITT training sessions $255.00 (non patient)
  • 10 one hour FITT training sessions $400.00 (CR patient or non patient)

Ask about our patient discount. Come sign up in our office TODAY! Limited space and times are available.

FITTrva Is Where Chiropractic and State-Of-The-Art Rehabilitation Come Together

Call us today and get on the path to feeling great.

About Us

FITT Rehab RVA is a physiotherapy clinic treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions and athletes recovering from sports injuries. Our unique approach to sports medicine can help a wide range of conditions, from chronic and recurrent pain syndromes and sports injuries to frank neurological conditions such as post-stroke, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis.

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