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Dr. Leonard Mayer

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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Our approach is simple: utilize the latest and most effective strategies in order to get patients out of pain and/or moving better, as quickly as possible.

Once that is accomplished, typically in a matter of a few weeks, we can teach you how to stay that way.

image of Dr. Pavel Kohlar utilizing DNS during a therapy session

Here you see Professor Pavel Kolar, P.T., Paed. Dr., Ph.D. of the “Prague School” of Rehabilitation and Manual Medicine utilizing a specific DNS position during an individualized therapy session with a patient.

DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization), the ground-breaking method in rehabilitative medicine, is the basis for all therapy and training at FITTrva. It is an overall approach utilizing the very latest research to truly rehabilitate the human locomotor system. It is a system of hands-on manual therapy and exercise that creates lasting new posture and movement pattern “stereotypes” or templates in the motor cortex of the brain, so that the relief and improved patterns become under the patient’s or athlete’s control and, then, permanent.

We have used the DNS approach with hundreds of patients, both athletes and non-athletes alike, with conditions from low back, hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, foot pain and sports injuries to neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, post-stroke and spinal cord injuries.

DNS is a system that is patient-centered and individualized for each particular person. The goal is to achieve a pain-free active lifestyle, as quickly as possible. That means quicker and long-lasting (often permanent) results for those who follow their treatment plan over a six to eight week period-of-time, typically.

The exciting thing about DNS, as the basis for rehabilitation, is that it can be applied to people of all ages and with almost any condition that can respond to a neuromuscular approach, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Bladder Dysfunction.

DNS is at the cutting-edge of rehabilitative medicine for congenital and acquired orthopedic and neurological conditions. Dr. Mayer was among the first practitioners to implement the DNS approach, initially in New York and, now, here in Richmond and we are the only office in Virginia that uses DNS as the basis for all therapy and training.

FITTrva Is Where Chiropractic and State-Of-The-Art Rehabilitation Come Together

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FITT RVA (Functional Integrated Therapy Training RVA) is a physiotherapy clinic treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions and athletes recovering from sports injuries. Our unique approach to sports medicine can help a wide range of conditions, from chronic and recurrent pain syndromes and sports injuries to frank neurological conditions such as post-stroke, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis.

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