Dr. Diane Sinnatamby Moon

Diane MoonI have noted improved performance on my cardio work outs. I like to run, bike & swim. My performance in all 3 areas has improved tremendously. I attribute this to better posture, correct breathing technique & activation of my core muscles. I now have more energy & feel less fatigued, even though I am exercising more. I recently had major surgery. My post op recovery has been rapid & phenomenal. I am physically doing more than I ever did before.

I am thankful to Dr. Mayer & his team for my improved fitness level. They have helped my husband Russ & my mom too.

I would recommend Dr. Mayer to any athlete who is trying to achieve more, those recovering from surgery or medical illness or any musculoskeletal disorder.

Diane Sinnatamby Moon, MD.
Internal medicine, Infectious Disease.