Deborah Smith

After experiencing her 2nd flare up, my teenage daughter was diagnosed with MS. The news was a hard blow to our family. My silly happy go lucky daughter became somewhat withdrawn and depressed. This 2nd flare up left her unbalanced and weak on her left side. The course of steroids that inabled her to regain all mobility after her 1st flare up, didn’t do the trick this time around. Her neurologist and MS specialist suggested physical therapy.

I sought a place that was good at what they do as well as place that had an inviting and pleasant atmosphere. We had earlier joined Golds Gym to aid in my daughtger’s mobillity and noticed Capital Rehab located inside. We were given a free consultation and was impressed with both Dr, Mayer and his knowledgeable and friendly staff. Most importantly, their flexible hours makes it possible for me to get my daughter to her appointments without having to miss time off from work.

Since she’s been coming to Capital Rehab not only has her balance and weakness on her left side vastly improved, so had her attitude. She and I look forward to her weekly sessions. My daughter has a renewed sense of optimism and knows that MS doesn’t define who she is. She’s just about back to her happy go lucky self again. Her current goal is to comfortably walk across the stage at her high school graduation this June in high heels shoes.

~D. Smith~