Ronnie Pascale’s Testimonial
“A huge part of my return to another season as Goalkeeper for the Richmond Kickers, Honestly was my body. The last off season I started going to Capitol Rehab of Richmond and they did a phenomenal job.more

Stanley Nyazamba’s Testimonial
I was kind of skeptical when I first came to Capitol Rehab of Richmond, mainly because I don’t like going to doctor’s and taking medications. However, coming to Capitol Rehab was a different experience.more

Russ Moon
My name is Russ Moon, I work in Executive Search for International Tax Professionals. I came to Dr. Mayer to help me reactivate my core and overcome some movement issues and the results have opened entire new avenues of performance to me. more

Dr. Diane Sinnatamby Moon
I have noted improved performance on my cardio work outs. I like to run, bike & swim. My performance in all 3 areas has improved tremendously. I attribute this to better posture, correct breathing technique & activation of my core muscles. I now have more energy & feel less fatigued, even though I am exercising more. I recently had major surgery. My post op recovery has been rapid & phenomenal. I am physically doing more than I ever did before. more

Kaestner McDonnough
In February 2008, I squeezed my left thigh with a 245 lb barbell. That thigh shrunk from 26 inches to 24 inches in 3 weeks and I had pain in my knees, ankles, hips, neck, back, arms, and shoulders. I could not make a tight fist with my right hand because my index finger was tender in the joints. more

Jennifer Cormier
In December 2011, I started experiencing a great deal of neck pain combined with limited range of motion in my shoulder. I expected it to heal on its own, but within a couple of weeks I headed to my doctor. She asked a few questions and prescribed pain medication, an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxer. She explained that the anti inflammatory should help it to heal and I should see results in about ten days. I saw no such results. I couldn’t sleep and turning my head was difficult, which made me a pretty poor driver. more

Deborah Smith

After experiencing her 2nd flare up, my teenage daughter was diagnosed with MS. The news was a hard blow to our family. My silly happy go lucky daughter became somewhat withdrawn and depressed. This 2nd flare up left her unbalanced and weak on her left side. The course of steroids that inabled her to regain all mobility after her 1st flare up, didn’t do the trick this time around. Her neurologist and MS specialist suggested physical therapy. more