Natural Relief for GERD

Millions of people suffer from some version of heartburn or gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), and those numbers are rising. According to a recent study from Norway, in just one decade, the number of people experiencing any GERD symptoms is up 30%, the number of people with GERD symptoms once a week is up 47%, and the severe GERD is up 24%. Moreover, 20% of Americans with GERD don’t respond to standard medical treatment.

GERD is currently a $9-billion industry in America.

It turns out that you can relieve and alleviate GERD symptoms with proper breathing. I know, it sounds weird. With so many over-the-counter medications available, how could breathing possibly make a difference?

Did you read our post earlier this month on why the diaphragm is so important for good posture and movement patterns? The diaphragm stereotype (the program in our brain) has a huge effect on all body functions. Including the way all the other muscles in our abdomens act and respond.

It turns out that a strong diaphragm can address reflux symptoms. Here’s a paper on how it works: Science!!!

This paper’s conclusion: “As the diaphragm is a striated voluntary muscle, its function and strength can be targeted and systematically trained. In our opinion, this may represent a new approach in the treatment of GERD”.

Now in plain English: Not only does a stronger diaphragm help treat GERD, you can actually train your diaphragm to get stronger with specific exercises.

Voila! The famous Capitol Rehab “breathing exercise.” It will help you not only recover from chronic and recurrent pain and loss of mobility but can even help with acid reflux! The reflexes that are stimulated during your therapy in our office activates the diaphragm immediately, so that the diaphragm breathing exercise you do at home creates a quicker response in your brain, making the new pattern automatic and permanent.

Call us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll teach you some techniques that could help you reduce or even eliminate GERD medication.