Insurance Changes & Improvements

A blog post about insurance is pretty boring, but we like to keep our patients up to date, especially when the insurance changes will make it easier and less expensive for you!

Although, we are still “in network” with Anthem Blue cross Blue Shield , Cigna and Southern Health/Coventry, and have been since we opened in 2007, we have changed our status with one or more insurance carriers.

This change from in network to out of network (you say above you are in network, now you say you’re out of network?) will actually make it easier to work directly with our patients, so no patient should be unable to get treatment at Capitol Rehab because they don’t have the ability to pay.

Being out of network with some carriers is more advantageous for patients as we have more flexibility to make arrangements that work for both of us rather than be stuck to the rules of the network because we are in-network providers. For example, out of network providers can negotiate directly with patients regarding fees based on the patient’s ability to pay.

Basically, here’s the bottom line: if you need treatment, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us so we can show you how these changes help you. We want to work something out with you so that you can get and afford this treatment, and our insurance changes are to that end.