The “Fall Tune-Up”

Have you a heard of a seasonal tune-up for your car, your heating system, your air conditioner or even your lawn?

Your body needs one too!

For many of us, summer, takes it’s toll, whether it’s because you’ve been doing less activity because of the insane heat or more or different activity because of fun summer vacations and adventure.

I have one patient who has been experiencing knee pain in the last few weeks (her knee pain is actually stemming from back issues resulting throwing her kids in the pool all summer!). Another patient has been running less because of the heat and is feeling a little stiff. A third is looking at optimizing her performance in the Richmond Marathon this fall after a long season of training, ramping up to the big event. A fourth pulled a muscle in his hamstring while water skiing and

My question for you as we near Autumn : Are you doing all the things you would like to, or is discomfort and lack of mobility holding you back?

Maybe you have severe pain that you’ve seen multiple practitioners about, and now you’re just living with it, getting cortisone shots, taking pain meds. I can probably help you, and if you come in for a Free functional evaluation, I’ll be able to tell you if I can help you or not.

Maybe you have mild, nagging pain that you’ve just decided to live with. Maybe it’s an old injury and it’s better enough that you deal with it. Maybe you got busy over the summer and hoped it would work itself out. I’d love to see you this Fall and help you feel better so you can really enjoy the change of seasons.

If you’re an athlete and not in pain, the approach we use can help you optimize your performance in Fall sports or competitions. We use dynamic neuromuscular stabilization which helps elite athletes all over the world improve their performance (watch this video on how the Arizona Diamondbacks use DNS)

We are taking appointments for “Fall Tune-Ups” now and would love to see you. Call the office at 804-285-4400 and speak to Casey or Gina to schedule your appointment.