Exciting Changes at Cap Rehab

We are going through some exciting changes here at Capitol Rehab of Richmond. As most of you know, Diego and Paige, trusted assistants and trainers for some time, have moved on to other things. Diego and his wife moved to Hawaii and Paige will be working with another organization.

We always knew this would happen—Capitol Rehab was always intended to be a short step on their professional journeys, but we wish them the best of luck in their future careers. We know they will both be excellent additions to their new practices as they increase their knowledge and attain the goals they have set for themselves.

Meanwhile, I am very excited about our new staff!

Casey Boxall, my new “right hand”, comes to Capitol Rehab with a skill set I have not had the pleasure of having in the 33 years I have been in practice. Casey is well versed in the workings of a healthcare clinic and is also a licensed massage therapist.

In addition, Casey had a knee injury almost six years ago in which she tore the anterior cruciate, medial collateral and lateral collateral ligaments. The only ligament left intact in her knee was the posterior cruciate. She was given a knee brace which “made things worse” and was told she needed immediate surgery. As fate would have it, Casey was living in the Czech Republic at the time which, as you know, is where the DNS approach we use here at Capitol Rehab originated. When she went back to the Czech Republic, she saw a doctor there who told her to get rid of the knee brace and that she would not need surgery if she was compliant with her rehabilitation exercises. Being a very active person and wanting to avoid surgery, Casey was a model patient. Six months later she was back to all her activities of daily living, including in-line skating, and twelve months later she was skiing in the Alps. So, Casey understands our approach first hand, which is incredibly unusual to find in an assistant!

Gina Kihnley is coming on to assist us as a trainer. She plays rugby and is currently entering her junior year at VCU in exercise science. I look forward to her enthusiastic approach to exercise and learning our approach.
In the meantime, come say hello if you haven’t been here in awhile and meet our new staff! We’re excited to start the fall strong!