What’s This Blog About?

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I’ve been in practice for just over thirty years now. I have seen and heard of almost every health and fitness fad, and all the so-called “accepted knowledge” and “current wisdom” come and go. From blood –letting to mega doses of beta- carotene, both “orthodox” and “alternative” medicine have given us rules-to-live-by (sic) that can literally kill us or, at the very least, cost us considerable time and expense with little to show for it.
This column will deal with many of these issues but the take-home lesson is simple. When in doubt as it pertains to health and fitness, common sense and a “back-to-basics” approach is almost always right.
For instance, when it comes to exercise just look at the human body and what tasks it has to perform. Do our exercises, the ones the so-called experts told us to do (eg. crunches, upright rows) look like anything humans do in the course of a typical day? Doesn’t it make sense to exercise to develop more power and mobility for the things we actually do like athletes (and babies) do?
When it comes to diet, all the things we’ve been told to eat a lot of, or not so much of, has changed umpteen times over the last thirty years. Just think of how things were a long time ago NO, not the 70’s but hundreds of years ago. We ate meat, but only what we caught or killed. A lot of calories were burned hunting, fishing and preparation. And, fish don’t always get caught and animals don’t always show up to the hunt.
The vegetable, fruits, herbs, and roots we ate grew wild and they were full of phytonutrients that our farm-grown ones are lacking. In fact, the animals we hunted grazed on natural grasses and plants, not corn and feed.
So should we climb trees and forage for berries, roots, and wild herbs? Should we chop wood or row a boat? In a word . . . Yes! But when that’s not possible in this modern world, a good substitute will suffice. Following articles will offer some of these substitutes. But in the meantime, go fly a kite… or row a boat… or climb a tree…….