Help for Low Back Pain

Summary: low back pain is a symptom of a larger issue with body alignment, core stabilization, and the signals your brain sends your body about posture and movement, so traditional treatments like chiropractic, injections, PT, and pain medication rarely make back pain disappear for long. The FITT and DNS treatment models address core issues causing back pain and empower patients to learn to treat themselves, making back pain disappear permanently.

Do you get low back pain? Sciatica? Is it chronic? Does it go away and then come back again? Or does it always hurt and/or restrict your activities somewhat?

Since 80% of Americans will suffer back pain at some time in their lives and the majority still have the pain a year later, there is a good chance you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions.

Over the 30-plus years I have been in practice, I have seen patients of all ages and sizes. Some have been elite athletes, some amateur athletes, some weekend warriors. I’ve worked with children, teens, young adults, middle-aged people, and seniors. I’ve treated people with acute injuries, long-term chronic pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and a host of other neurological and orthopedic complaints.

Without question, the condition I see the most is low back pain (with and without accompanying hip, leg, knee and/or foot pain). Almost every practicing chiropractor and physical therapist would say the same; after all, back pain is one of the top three ailments seen by general medical practitioners. And back pain is a malady that can range from merely annoying to agonizing—restricting activity, distracting you from everyday life and limiting your participation in enjoyable hobbies.

So what have you tried to alleviate your back pain? Drugs? Physical Therapy? Chiropractic? Injections? Still no help?

All of those therapies are “chasing the pain” rather than addressing its root cause. Back pain is almost always a symptom of a broader issue with alignment and stabilization, so treating the pain rather than the cause will not result in long-term relief. If you’re lucky, shots, pain killers, PT, and chiropractic will permanently eliminate the pain, but usually it comes back eventually or starts radiating into or weakening the leg.

So, are you ready for some good news now? There’s one approach that can actually fix the problem of back pain rather than just “chase the pain”; AND in time you can learn how to be your own therapist/trainer. At Capitol Rehab of Richmond, we practice Functional Integrated Therapy and Training (FITT), an integrated approach to recovery based on a neuromuscular healing model called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS).

By using the neuroplasticity in your brain to work for you instead of against you, FITT can change the motor programs in your brain that control your posture and movement so the changes can become automatic and permanent. FITT and DNS treat the core causes of back pain by:

Aligning your joints properly
Making weak muscles stronger and more efficient
Helping tight muscle relax

I can’t guarantee DNS and FITT can help everyone. But, I can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to get you relief of your back and/or leg pain and back to all the activities you love to do, as quickly as possible. This approach has changed the lives of thousands of people just like you. The sooner you get started the sooner you can get relief— once and for all! Click here to watch testimonials of people like you who found permanent relief from back pain through FITT and DNS.