Why Stretching Doesn’t Work

In her NYT article from October 2008, Gretchen Reynolds challenges the time honored tradition of athletic static stretching. She conclusively studies the controversial differences between static and dynamic warm ups, through studying sprinters, military recruits and professional athletes. She discovers that static stretching is not only time expensive but potentially harmful.

Read the full article, entitled Stretching: The Truth, on the New York Times site.


“The straining muscle becomes less responsive and stays weakened for up to 30 minutes after stretching, which is not how an athlete wants to begin a workout.

While static stretching is still almost universally practiced among amateur athletes, it doesn’t improve the muscles’ ability to perform with more power, physiologist now agree.”

Malachy McHugh Director Of Research, Nicholas Institute Of Sports Medicine And Athletic Trauma At Lenox Hill Hospital In New York City.